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Do I pay to attend Mobi Learn Workshops?

Nope! All our workshops are free to the University of Texas at Arlington Students.

Becoming a member means getting a t-shirt and access to the member dashboard. Speak to one of our officers at the end of a Mobi Learn Workshop.

I’m not an Engineering Major. Can I still join?

Of course! Any student of any major can join Mobi and attend workshops, we encourage it.

But I don't know how to code!

That is perfectly fine! Our workshops are for beginners.

I have an idea for a start-up. Can you guys help me create it?

Unfortunately, we only create projects for Social Coding and hackathons. But if you have a start-up idea you want to pursue on your own and need guidance check out the EpicMavs Startup Lounge!

I have an idea for a Mobi Social Coding Project.

Awesome! Tell us about it at the next Social Coding Meeting!

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