What's Mobi?

Mobi (Student Association for the advancement of Mobile Development) is a student organization at the University of Texas at Arlington that aims to teach students how to create apps, websites, and games.

What We Do


Mobi Learn provides students with the materials for you to learn Mobile and Web development.

Social Coding

Already know a little bit about mobile, game, or web development? Join Social Coding! Every week members team up to make projects they can add to their resume.


Once in a while, our members participate in Hackathons. Mobi will help students without teams find a team to join.

How to Join

Any student at the University of Texas at Arlington can join. Attending workshops and Social Coding is free. If you'd like to gain access to the Member Dashboard to view previous Workshop videos and receive a free t-shirt see one of our officers after a Mobi Learn workshop.




Kolten Sturgill

Vice President

Mary Huerta
Learn Coordinator

Learn Coordinator

Zachery Gentry
Executive Officer1


Nathan Gomez
Executive Officer1

Executive Officer

Kenneth Cassel

Social Media Coordinator

Jessica Tjahja